How To: Star Trek Online with FreeBSD

Please Note:

This page is a description of what I had to do to make Star Trek Online work on my specific hardware, so unless you have FreeBSD and an Nvidia card it may not be of much use to you.

You will need Nvidia drivers and WINE to be installed and working properly.

This article assumes that you know how to work with WINE’s utilities such as winecfg and regedit. You should know how to use a terminal window and can execute a script file like winetricks.

None of this is rocket science! Hell …if an idiot like me can manage it then you can do it too. Take your time, pay attention to the details, and don’t lose your patience.

Details of my system & software for reference:

PCBSD – [FreeBSD v8.0-RELEASE-p2]
WINE ver 1.3.26
Nvida Driver ver 260.19.29
KDE 4.3.5
Intel Core 2 Duo T7100(1.80GHz)
Nvidia 8700M GT video card

Software and files you will need to have:

Star Trek Online installer – obviously
Wine Tricks script

Basic Directions:

1-Download everything you need if you do not already have it
2-Install Star Trek Online using WINE
3-Run the command “winetricks d3dx9″ – installs DirectX .dll’s
4-Run the command “winetricks ie6″ – installs Internet Exploder v6 (You can try other versions but this one works for me where the others did not)
5- You may or may not need to make some registry edits in WINE

WINE Registry Edits:

I do not know for sure if you will need these settings so I will put them here as an option.
Direct 3D Entry – make sure all 4 items are correct for your specific card

“VideoDescription”=”NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT”

What works in the game?:

So far so good, I’ve only put a couple hours into playing this game under FreeBSD and everything seems to work properly so far. Sound is good, no glitchy graphics, everything is clear except for the mouse cursor. The mouse cursor shows up as a gray ghost of what it should look like and can be hard to see, not a game stopper but annoying.

What does not work?

Again, as yet I have found no real issues beyond the grayed out mouse cursor and the game being unable to ID my video card properly.

Overall Performance and/or other Problems:

Performance is good as long as I put the game on the low end graphics settings. For whatever reason under WINE this game cannot identify my video card even though the registry settings for it are there. When the game initially loads I get a dialog box asking me to choose what level to set the graphics at, argh. I think the game would be more capable of higher settings if it could identify the card properly. Maybe I just need a different set of video drivers, or I am missing some registry entry that it wants… I do not know how to resolve the issue at this time.

References and Other Help:

WINE HQ page for Star Trek Online [LINK]
WineTricks script [LINK]

Some pictures of Trek Online running on the desktop:

STO running under PCBSD (FreeBSD) on Twitpic

Star Trek Online launcher running with patcher updating

STO running windowed mode on PCBSD

Running windowed mode on FreeBSD desktop